The origin of Philips Electronics has been made possible by Edison, because their first products were light bulbs. While Philips does not produce a lot of bulbs anymore, they still have a lot to do with lighting. They think it’s the future. Check out the following weird light related Philips inventions.

Some of them look really great, but we think that others don’t have a long light life expectancy…


Actually, this is printing 3.0, because it is three dimensional printing. This printer, by DesktopFactory, is the first desktop-size 3D printer, measuring only 20x20x25 Inch. It can print items of a maximum size of 5x5x5 Inch in a durable plastic material. According to Desktop Factory, this means that you can build functional models from the bottom up, one layer at a time. According to us, this means that you can print your own golf balls, action figures, or just one of your own weird creations.

With a price varying from 5 to 7K (in US dollars, that is), it is not even a giant investment for professional designers, engineers and schools. These things used to cost around $15,000. Ok, $7,000 still is not cheap, but hey! You can print in 3D! You can also use a professional high speed printer and print enough paper to make your own 3D model of paper mache.


And guess what? You’re the designer!
Design your own toast with this retro style looking, pop art logo burning toaster. It’s toastastic!

The toaster has 6 design plates, which create patterns like double hearts, LUV U, flower or snowflake on your toast. This means that it –unfortunately- isn’t possible to design your own piece of toast completely. The toaster also has 12 toasting levels, reheat and frozen, a slide-out crumb tray and comes in white, red, black and blue. For sale for around $35.

Via Coolest Gadgets:


A man throws boiling water into the air during a typical mid-winter at -40 celcius. A very cool friday effect follows ;)


Have you ever taken some time to look up in the sky and check out those fluffy clouds? If you have, you'll know that some of them may look very familiar. And you don't have to be a pot addict to see it.

< this one doesn't need an explanation…


Are you bored with using your everyday-ordinary pencil? Ever wanted to draw with a pair of feet (and that didn't sounded strange to you) ? Maybe these extraordinary pencils from Agelio Battle ( do the trick for you.

Starting from $45, one can buy pencils in the shape of fruits, body parts, tree's etc. Each sculpture is cast using Batle's unique molding and carving process. Carbonaceous graphite (mineral remains of prehistoric plant life) is fused with smudge-resistant compounds, then cures into the object before you.

Check out ABS Workshop (
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