When you buy one of the coolest gadgets ever invented, you get the chance to immortalize your piece of shiny metal. Heck, after I decided to enrich my life with this toy I waited for almost another week, because I couldn't decide what to write on the back

We can't help you decide which quote to engrave on the back... but we can help you decide what not to engrave on the back

Below is a list Apple will not engrave. I wonder why...

10. Something small & white that Enrique Iglesias Isn't In.

9. Rip, Mix, & Burn Down RIAA Headquarters

8. Lick My Shiny Metal Ass

7. Not responsible for prolonged damage to the ear & brain

6. Not to be used as a suppository

5. Screwing The RIAA One Download At A Time

4. iMasturbate five times a day

3. iPod Limited Edition: Retard Compatible

2. I cost more than three hookers

And Number 1, My Favorite


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While the iPhone has been released just recently, the first cool covers are already popping up. These great covers, which are available in different types, colors and made of the best types of leather, will be available online for around 40 bucks.

(Found @ Sena)


Remember the time that you lost almost every online war? Well, that time is history. Thanks to the Cyber Snipa Warboard Keyboard. With 17 interchangeable custom combat keys and an "Armor Plate" chassis, it can be your most powerful online weapon. It runs on Windows Vista, XP, 2000 or ME and the suggested retail price is $69.99.


The office can be one of the most boring places in the world. Thank God for these 8 great office gadgets, we wouldn't have lived through the day without these...

1 Finger drums


2 Wearable sleepingbag (for System Operators)


3 USB Fan. Hey, at least we've got fans...


4 Swearing punch bag


5 Mouse controlled rocket launcher

6 Vooodoo pen holder. DIE, BOSS!! Uhhh, did I just say that out loud?


7 Dock me up, Scotty!


8 Office stamps. Throw away your old ones, these are much better.



Nobody wants to get fired from a job. Or you must really, really hate your job...

( My uncle just got sacked and on his last day of
work he "accidentally" dropped the shipment. )

Did you just get sacked? Look on the bright side of life, maybe it’s possible to get even with your boss. But you have to remember you can also appeal to the rights you have after getting fired.
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