Some people have it all. Loads of money, beautiful partners, fast supercars, extreme houses, exorbitant yachts. Over a hundred million Dollars for a yacht is no exception. But we have pictures, and those are free...

1. The Amevi ($300.000.000)

2. The Octopus ($200.000.000)

3. The Lauren L. ($112.000.000)

4. The Boadicea ($120.000.000)

5. The Maltese Falcon ($100.000.000)

6. The Pelorus ($179.000.000)
Pelorus yacht Sardinia

7. Dubai ($230.000.000)

8. Salem ($19.750.000)

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  Fr Rafal Lar 2008-11-07 00:05:58

I am sending a request for support our project. We are going to build a new center for young people in the Archdiocese of St. Mary in Astana (Kazakhstan). We have description of the town, financial and construction plan, but we need money. We are in the process of connecting water and sewage. A large group of residents of our city may also benefit from this initiative. The total cost of implementation is 40 thousand $. Would you please give us some financial help? What should be included in the request?
Our contact number:
Fr. Rafal Lar,
mobile: 00 7 701 76 95 983, mail:
The Parish of St. Abraham, phone: 00 7 71636 – 45062/ fax. 00 7 71636 – 38263
Internacjonalnaja Street 2
O21700 Schuchinsk

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  boat cunt 2009-03-29 22:31:10
wot a fuckin awsum


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