When you're in need of furniture or when you're appartment is really small, an inflatable chair or couch can be really useful. Too bad they often look so awful.

Here's the solution; the Inflatasofa. The guys at Drinkstuff have done a remarkable job designing a posh looking inflatable couch slash bed. Available for 80 quid/ 160 bucks/ 120 Euro.


If you're bored of your interior design, you can always try to make a real 3d painting. A good 3d creation will spice up every room.
Need an example?


This ashtray is a great way of showing people what smoking does to your lungs. This arty advertisement was developed by Serviceplan for insurance company AOK and was spotted in Munchen, Germany last year.


Have you ever wanted to know what your unborn baby looks like at this very moment? Have you always been looking for a webcam for your womb? This 3D pregnancy calendar comes very close.

The calendar lets you select your relevant pregnancy week, but the 3d function is even cooler. When you press 'stop', you can even spin your baby-under-construction around.

(oh, and if you're still not tired of pregnancy, you can even read, write or edit pregnancy articles at their sister site)


Some people try to blend iPhones. But what happens if you blend your iPod earbuds with chat icons? You get emotibuds!

Completely useless, but oh so cool!

Must have available iPhone Hacks!

Use your iPhone's EDGE internet connection for your laptop

You can now use your iPhone untethered EDGE connection for your laptop. It might not be as quick as your favorite WiFi hotspot, but its gives you internet access everywhere you want, 24/7. Realy awesome hack.

Note: Using your EDGE connection with a laptop is against AT&T terms of service.


Full Interactive Shell on your iPhone

The busy hackers at #iPhone cracked the iPhone open in only one week after the iPhone's release. They managed to get a full interactive shell on your iPhone. The shell is still pretty basic, but one can only imagine what will come next after they have shell access!


Finally custom ringtones (made easy)

I couldn't believe that Apple didn't believe that us iPhone users aren't capable of uploading a nice and lovely ringtone that matches the smooth looks of an iPhone. Finally the people behind made it possible for sheer mortals to customize Apple's ringtones. My favorite hack!


Skype on iPhone

Wouldn't it be great if you could use VoIP on your iPhone. Looking to cut your At&T bills? Use the application SoonR Talk. Its an AJAX enabled application that gives the possibilities of Skype on your iPhone. Pretty neat!

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