Some people say that food is like art. These people probably went to the sushi bar a lot, because Japanese know what to do with their food. And we don't mean eating it!

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  Lilithiel 2008-04-21 05:37:51
Love RAW fish everyday and WHISKEY to wash it down at lunch time. Then back to boring boring legal work as a underdog to some schmuck sacramento attorney who pays me shit wages.

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  2007-11-03 17:19:53
very talented.

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  Nathan 2007-11-03 22:49:39
Cool but i have 1 question...what is the 5th from the top meant to be?

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  Dean 2008-01-30 11:22:47
Very nice art with food. I love it.

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  seether 2008-01-19 06:30:24
I have no clue what the 5th one is and I really don't want to know, either.

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  Gassy Garry 2007-11-14 09:13:54

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  2007-11-19 17:21:02
girl hfedghbgdfbnhfdaassd rocks my sushi

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  It's not fish 2008-04-29 09:43:20
For anyone who thinks sushi is gross because it's raw fish, rest assured: sushi is actually just vinegared rice usually topped with something that may or may not be raw fish (also known as sashimi). It could also be cooked fish, vegetables, or a number of other things. So raw fish may be gross, but sushi is tasty.

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  Nathan 2007-11-04 00:33:48
Cool but i have 1 question...what is the 5th from the top meant to be?

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  2007-11-08 13:18:11
Um, what people are eating is sashimi, not sushi. Sushi in the literal sense is a rice or a rice-type product, probably literally "vegetable" in english. Sashimi is excellent, by the way. So is Saki.... yum.

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  natalie 2007-11-02 17:29:58
sushi is so disguisting...i dont know how u crackheads eat it dang!

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  SayBlade 2007-11-02 17:35:11
I like sushi as long as they are vegetarian (no animals, fish or shellfish). Also, I gotta skip the wasabi. It's not just the heat, it's the taste in general, like horseradish times ten and I can't stomach the stuff.

Lovely art creations with colourful food!

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  nica 2007-11-05 21:28:07
for those that say they don't like it, you should try making it yourself with veggies or cooked meat that you like. it's very different when you're putting in things that you actually know and like.

i can't imagine the time that goes into the ones that have pictures in the wraps! so cool! i'm guessing the 5th one down is a type of squash for the wrapper, sliced very thin.

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  Kristen 2007-11-07 22:21:13
sushi is soooo goood!
espessialy the tuna shashimi one!
*licks lips*
I looove it =]

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  Mislove 2007-11-09 14:00:48
This is really cool food art. or sushi art or shashimi... either way it's adorable!

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  mangocathy ;]] 2007-11-02 18:36:58
i love that laptop one

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  MoniandLex 2007-11-03 16:10:53
My friend hates sushi but we think it all looks cool

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  2007-11-03 22:38:46
screw you sushi haters, it's delicious.... mmmmm

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  2007-12-07 13:15:54

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  Gracie 2007-11-04 14:53:36

AND pleasing to the eye!

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  SuNsHiNe 2007-11-07 05:49:47
c00l :)

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  huli 2007-11-19 17:19:45
cool sushi love it

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  j 2008-01-19 14:59:58
loooooooooooooooooove sushi

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  dude 2008-05-06 07:32:41
dude that looks good

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  Lluvy 2007-11-03 23:12:33
I had the same question as Nathan... is that like... cucumber or banana or something? I honestly couldn't figure out its wrapping..

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  ha;lfkj;sHDKJRHFIW 2007-11-19 17:20:20
i like chicken

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  Foodaholic 2008-04-08 18:28:33
That's talent! I can't even roll plain rice.

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  Hillary 2008-05-01 14:46:56
This is very very cool!

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  Get some real taste buds peopl 2007-11-03 19:47:48
sushi is probably one of the best things in the world you all should die :)

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  Oceanwatcher 2007-11-07 05:41:10
SayBlade: most of the wasabi sold today is just horseraddish. The real thing is too hard to grow and way too expensive :-)

BTW - Sushi has nothing to do with raw fish. Sushi refers to the rice. You can use raw fish, cooked fish, meat, vegetables, pretty much anything that comes to mind and you think taste good together with the rice. The rice is seasoned with a ricewine vinegar mixed with sugar and a pinch of salt. You could add a couple of more things, but those are the basics.

So for those that think sushi is not good, I have to ask: What kind of sushi?

I think the sushi in these pictures look real cool, but can be a bit hard to eat with chopsticks - way too big. But they are nice as a show-off for the sushi chef. Personally, I am more impressed with well done bite sized sushi. Di you ever watch the technique these chefs have while making it?

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  2007-11-08 12:47:44
Um, what people are eating is sashimi, not sushi. Sushi in the literal sense is a rice or a rice-type product, probably literally "vegetable" in english. Sashimi is excellent, by the way. So is Saki.... yum.

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  popstar 2007-11-29 16:24:58
I love sushi.My favorite is the octipus tenticals!

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  Madeline 2008-05-01 16:50:14

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  aliceee 2007-11-02 19:13:36
that is really amazing :]]

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  seether 2008-01-19 06:33:20
ok, sushi has to be the most yucky thing in the world. Dudes, get some real food! I think the 5th is a dragon, figered that out! HAHAHAHAHA

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  mangocathy ;]] 2007-11-02 18:37:07
i love that laptop one

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  yep 2007-11-02 16:31:14

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  SplendidBaker 2007-11-05 07:29:47
Too pretty to eat! Very creative and awesome!

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  Val 2007-11-05 14:22:14
The Pikachu one is adorable.

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  alicia 2007-11-06 16:57:31
wow it's....different...kool,but different.

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  foodmakesmehappy 2008-05-01 22:07:44
Haha the pikachu one is so cute!

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  eve 2008-05-16 15:26:42
If you had this pitcher you would say oh my josh!It is very funny.

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  Ben Everywhere 2007-11-09 05:31:01
Oh God, I'm such a genius. That's not sushi... that's Boshiwa Goslsti. You wouldn't know.. you can only get it 18 feet under the ground of Japan. It's expensive, and since you really don't know who I am, I'm going to take the liberty in saying I'm rich and can definitely afford it. Trust me... I know everything, and am more than willing to share that fact with everyone, all the time.

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  brandi 2007-11-02 16:07:58
wow i love sushi.......those dragon rolls look pretty nice..

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  Shari 2008-05-01 17:48:08
To all these people who are trying to convince others that sushi isn't raw fish, you have a point, but not a completely valid one. There are many kinds of sushi and some use egg, vegetables, and even in relatively rare cases, meat (though even more rarely cooked meat), most varieties of sushi are about the raw fish topping the (seasoned) rice. Not everyone can get excited about eating cold rice mixed with vinegar, salt, etc. topped with whatever. Seriously, how exciting is that?

I don't hate sushi, but I don't love it. From a culinary viewpoint, it's just not all that interesting. It's something Japanese people like because they prefer subtle flavors and elegant preparation. Sometimes I think all the sushi fanatics are just trying too hard to be hip.

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  mo 2007-11-02 19:42:31
I hate sushi sorry, it all looks disgusting.

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  lalaine 2008-05-17 01:11:15
food and cooking have always been a form of art...this just proves it!

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  JUST GIVE ME A PIZZA NO LITTLE 2008-09-13 13:20:00
The art is cute but they could have picked a better medium SUSHI SUCKS!!!

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  zawhtwe 2008-05-22 14:59:51
That's great . I love that kind of photos.I never seen it in my life.

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  2009-06-09 09:36:32

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  MMMMMMMMM Sushi 2008-12-01 19:46:45
I like the computer because I like computers and it must be hard making it , I also like the bunny and flower

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  Sacrosanct 2008-05-14 22:28:49
These pictures reflect the skillful art of making sushi. It is surely an acquired taste and not always prepared with raw fish (a misnomer associated thereof)
Arguably one of the best contribution from the Japanese to the world of culinary delights. It seems quite apparent that some of the crass comments stated above are from persons who are uninformed about Japanese culture and in particular sushi.

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  chefyD 2008-12-13 21:24:53
To all "Armchair" sushi know-it-alls..the word sushi is a compound word "su" means VINEGAR, and "shi" means SKILL of HAND. (I am not Japanese, nor a know-it- all) LoL

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  2008-12-18 14:55:26
i don't care

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  2009-01-09 09:02:07

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  Niall Harbison 2008-04-17 09:18:31
Hi there,

I just stumbled accross your blog by using stumbleupon and love the design of the whole thing! I normally skip straight past food blogs as I have over 20 in my RSS and dont even have enough time to read the ones that I have! I am started out as a blogger myself and always tried to keep the design simple like yours as I think it is crucial, especially if you can back it up with some nice food pics like yours! Keep up the good work and if you feel like sharing some of the photos with other foodies pop over to which is my new site for foodies! Cheers!

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  MMMMMMMMM Sushi 2008-12-01 19:51:44
Im bot a big fan of sushi , I kind of like sushi raw fish C(:

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  Dave 2009-08-17 19:57:52
NO flavor what so ever!

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  :) 2008-12-18 17:24:49
what is the fifth one from the top supposed to look like

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  2008-11-02 01:05:00

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  MMMMMMMMM Sushi 2008-12-01 19:50:05
The sushi looks so cool

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  M 2008-10-09 00:51:38

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  HELANE JAMES 2009-06-14 21:58:50

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  2009-08-06 13:08:00

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  SUSHI RULZ 2008-11-23 16:23:31
weirdo, sushi is awesome, everyone likes sushi

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  MMMMMMMMM Sushi 2008-12-01 19:54:39
I like shushi it chins

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  Rhaav 2008-11-06 17:25:23
Where is the Canadian flag? Or don't you recognize Canada.

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  2009-05-29 10:17:05
learn to spell sushi

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  kiki 2008-12-20 09:33:31
i h@te sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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  maddy 2010-04-12 17:20:25
that was amazing!!!lol

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  inty 2010-09-13 06:50:01
looking to have sushi party at 115 sw ash street.. portland oregon! stop by and try some and get some japanese crepes as well!

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  2011-02-16 08:35:25
ó µ...

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  sara 2010-09-01 21:48:01
where as I hate fish ofcourse raw fish,I like just watch sushi!!!!!!

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  sushilover13 2008-05-14 08:10:59
u all may love sushi but i am so luckey there is a sushi resraunt right next door to my appartment!!!!!!!!
I LOVE SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2009-05-07 18:07:46

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  mccuistion 2009-06-29 07:55:29

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  inty 2010-09-13 06:45:34
looking to have sushi party at 115 sw ash street.. portland oregon! stop by and try some and get some japanese crepes as well!

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  inty 2010-09-13 06:44:08
i really like how the cucumber and sashimi is done...

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  matbar 2011-04-02 14:19:53
SUSHI IS SO YUMMY .............really i like toooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Magoomike 2010-01-21 23:24:09
I wouldn't say sushi has NOTHING to do with raw fish. It has a little to do with it. It has more to do with raw fish than say, cotton candy.

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  sushi sucks 2008-05-14 08:12:38
sushi is so gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  (: 2009-02-28 11:51:39
i love sushi!

385 diggs
  McKenna 2009-07-18 17:22:30
This sushi is SOOOOO awesome and it looks SOOOO YUUMMYY!!!!!!!!!

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  2011-03-04 17:05:22
like the pikachu and laptop sushi art

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  2009-05-12 13:59:56
the computer one was funny

377 diggs
  2009-05-21 04:28:28
"Windows" ! Yeah !

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  YOYOMAH 2012-02-09 20:46:13
I love how "Ben Everywhere" came down off his cloud in richee land to come tell us commoners about something he made up cause he has no clue what it is either... Boshiwa Goslsti is completely made up unless Ben is the founder/inventor. Regardless of how "rich" you are if what you say is true there would be evidence of it somewhere in the world. But then again since you know "everything" and are so much more privileged than all of us, why dont u ACTUALLY say what it is other than some sensationalized story to make you feel important or like you have more than $20 in your wallet. Apparently according to Ben its some strange substance of unknown form or makeup that is being harvested exactly 18 feet underground in Japan. Yeah..... OK BUDDY.... And most likely Ben everywhere and Richard Branson sit down in the mornings and eat this delicacy while they blow each other being there the only two people rich enough to know about this, I mean yeah cause theres a picture of it above just taken in some standard restaurant... must be so hard to find ben!

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