A slightly different topic than other weeks, but for some reason this caught out attention. And made us write about it.
Just like any other city, country or continent in the world, Africa can show two completely different faces. But nowhere the differences are as big as in this continent.

Special thanks to joepvanwyk, conradi41, flasheart, ernst schade and carlmontgomery for the astonishing photos. Care to help?

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  Lucy 2007-10-26 15:12:13
Beautiful and Sad, dreadful sad.

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  butterfly 2008-04-03 20:09:58
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  2007-10-27 23:36:23
We come to this planet to reap the resulting outcome that we
have earned so that we might awaken and learn to make better choices and we are not to be felt sorry for because in order
to become free and empowered in order to attract prosperity and sustenence, It is necessary that we have our awakening experience without interference.


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