A Letter to Rudolph

Dear Husband, It is time that I must have my say,
I've taken your shit day after day.
I've kept the home peaceful year after year
Now there is going to be changes, so listen my dear.

So you're famous, everyone knows your name,
And you're a specialist by gum, in the transport game,
You think you're so grand with your important job.
But I'm telling you my dear you're a worn out old yob

363 days a year,
You sit on your arse drinking scotch, rum and beer,
You claim it is to keep up the shine on your nose
So Santa can see where he bloodywell goes.

One night a year is all that you work,
You and your eight reisty mates - they're all jerks.
Dasher and Dancer - Speed freaks I say,
The sleigh wouldn't go that quick any other way.
Prancer and Vixen - Just cheap little tarts,
But they look like angels once Comet starts.

Cupids on some freaked out damned power trip,
And Donner...well, she should just get a damned grip
And Blitzen, I almost don't need to say,
Is here getting blitzed with you every day.

All of these years at the front of the sled,
Has gone, I'm afraid, to your crusty old head.
You're a layabout and a drunkard, with a big shiny nose,
And a weakness for elves in black pantyhose.

I'm telling you husband that one Christmas song,
Has made you think that you can do no wrong.
So this year while your out with old Santa's sled,
I am eloping, my dear, with your friend - Mr. Ed

Denise Hobbs


The best view in the world is a view from the top. For some reason, having a wide and open view relaxes the mind and feeds your soul. These 8 stunning photos were taken from mountain tops from all over the world.

Photo credits: Luis-Carlos, Simon, Chrispz, djwerdna, Brian, Der Ohlsen and Kristijan


The FIAC 2007 took place from the 18th until the 22nd of October in Grand Palais de Louvre, Paris. This is an impression of this exposition in 8 shots, check out SHIFT for more info about the 2007 edition of this art expo.


Companies can settle at a-locations or at A-locations. The home of the Polish radio station RFM-FM is definitely an A-location. See for yourself, have you ever seen a company in a building that looks like it used to be a shooting location of Star Wars?


8 Stunning macro photographs. Select the text beneath the photo to reveal the hint.

Select text to reveal hint: "rusty nail"

Select text to reveal hint: "rose"

Select text to reveal hint: "brocoli"

Select text to reveal hint: "noodles"

Select text to reveal hint: "passion fruit"

Select text to reveal hint: "garter belt"

Select text to reveal hint: "pentium 4 chip"

Select text to reveal hint: "bees"


You've probably slept in a hotel room in more than one occasion. You've probably slept in at least one pretty weird, cheap, campy or luxury hotel room as well. But we doubt that you have ever slept in one of these amazingly weird hotel rooms.

1. Under Water

Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, FL

2. In a Coffin Shaped Capsule

Asakusa Capsule Hotel, Tokio, Japan

3. In a Library

Library Hotel, New York, NY

4. In an Industrial Room

Propeller Island, Germany

5. At Minus 10 Degrees

Ice Hotel, Quebec, Canada

6. In a Dog

Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, ID

7. In a cave

Beckham Creek, Parthenon, AR

8. In a Sewer Tube

Das Park Hotel, Germany
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